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The NEW LEARNWELL series of textbooks from Holy Faith International marks a breakthrough in children's textbooks.
Drawing inspiration from the National Curriculum Framework, the
series makes learning a fun affair by presenting information in a refreshingly new format that is highly conducive to
quick assimilation and retention of classroom lessons. Special Features of the Book
Project Work - Connects the abstract concepts with the real life and
give them a concrete form
Each book comes with additional support modules in the form of Teacher's Resources like e-book, test
generator and interactive classroom activities in digital format - all free
Real Life Connect - Connects to the real life and provides the scope for Open Ended Questions
Previous Connect - Recall the concepts learned in the previous grades to better connect the latest one
Do You Remember? - Revision exercises to check the previous knowledge
Note for the Teacher - Notes for teachers to make the better
connection and interact with students
Fact File - Amazing facts to know more about the concept
Let Us Practise - Chapter specific exercises includes both summative and formative assessments
Activity - Learning by doing. Fun with hands on activities< Now, I Know - Comprehensive and precise summary of the entire chapter
Mental Maths - Helps student to become a quick calculation whiz!
Life Skills - Develops adaptive and positive behaviour that enable
the students to deal effectively with the requirements and the challenges of everyday life
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Book Type Text Book
Author(s) Team of Editors
Boards CBSE
Classes Class V
Languages English