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MBD Rocket: CBSE Sample Papers 2024 Exams

MBD Rocket: CBSE Sample Papers 2024 Exams

  • January 09, 2024
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With parents covering our school and coaching expenses, students may hesitate to ask for money for additional help books. This financial understanding is common among senior secondary students. Keeping this in mind, the New Education Policy 2020 aims to provide affordable and quality education. Quality education directly improves accessibility for all. We believe it's not only the government's responsibility to reduce education costs; educational institutions, publishers, and tutors should collaborate to make this a reality.

MBD Books, in the book market for six decades, has witnessed significant changes in the educational sector. While no compromises have been made in the book's content, MBD has also focused on maintaining the quality of hardcover books, all at the most affordable prices for students.

Parents who completed their Matriculation and Intermediate in the 90s might not fully understand the importance of buying sample paper books. However, today’s 10th or 12th-grade students recognize how crucial CBSE question papers are to excel in their exams. MBD Books understands the dilemma students face, which is why the MBD Rocket Sample Paper series is available in stores and on the website at the most competitive prices in the market. MBD has earned a reputation for being a premium quality provider, with top academicians working to bring contemporary question patterns and advanced solving techniques. The prices, which you are free to compare with other established publications, are the most affordable.

MBD Rocket Sample Papers are priced at a minimal cost of Rs. 95, available both in stores and online. Each sample paper book includes the latest CBSE question paper issued on 31st March 2023. The book provides detailed answers, including quick tricks rarely taught in schools, helping you understand the current CBSE marking scheme. It covers all types of questions you'll face in CBSE board exams for class 10 & class 12. The book also includes chapter-wise objective, very short, short, long descriptive type, and statement-based/case-based/situation-based/source-based/picture-based questions. This ensures you are 100% ready to face the exam fearlessly and achieve the best results. Unsolved sample question papers prepare you with mock practice.

Sample paper books are available for all subjects of Classes 10 and 12 are available. Order your copies today.

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