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PruQuest Integrated Social Science is an integrated social science
series for classes 6 to 8. It conforms to the
CBSE syllabus and adheres to the National Curriculum Framework.
This series aims to provide both facilitators
and learners, an enriching teaching-learning experience. Each
book in the series includes sections on History,
Geography, and Social and Political Life.
The Key Features of the book for Classes 6 to 8 are:
Let Us Begin section on the first page of the chapter serves as an
ice-breaker or a warm-up session to help learners relate
to the topic.
Cheeni's Question provides probing questions raised by Cheeni,
the main character of the series, for discussion in the
chapter. It also comprises interesting passages to introduce key
concepts dealt in the chapter.
Thinking Hat provides an opportunity for introspection and
reflection on important aspects related to the topic.
Source Based Reading Excerpt provides exposure to historical
texts as important sources of history.
Enquire and Apply section encourages learners to enquire about
important points and provides opportunities to think
and apply social science concepts.
Try This provides hands-on activities for practical implementation of concepts learnt.
Elsewhere in theWorld helps in comparing events happening in
other parts of the world during the same time period.
Case Study provides in-depth understanding of certain concepts in
the chapter.
Timeline summarises the sequence of events in the chapter in a simple manner.
Fact Box gives additional and interesting information to generate
curiosity in the learners to explore beyond the text.
Project provides hands-on experience to the learners and gives
ample scope for evaluating their understanding of the
Map Work/Diagram Based Activity enables learners to reinforce
the concepts learnt in the chapter through map
practice and diagrams.
Map Work/Diagram Based Activity has real-life situations and
problem-solving questions for inculcating values and encouraging
Question Banks are provided at the end of the book.
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Book Type Text Book
Author(s) Team of Editors
Boards CBSE
Classes Class VIII
Languages English