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Pruquest Science series 1-8 follows interactive and scientific
format. The book has an
attractive layout to appeal to the children of the respective age group.
The Key Features of the Book:
It draws on the real life experiences of a child through the
activities and experiences of central
character Manav, his family and friends. These experiences are
presented through illustrations and
wide range of in-text activities.
Precursor: This is the introduction of the chapter that gains instant
attention of the child through
warm up exercises/ recap of already learned concepts or thought
provoking questions.
Activities: This unique feature provides in-text activities in the
form of hands-on and practice exercises
based on the pedagogy of learning by doing.
llustrations: The vibrant illustrations connect the child to the real
world and develop basic
understanding of the concept.
Sci-Info: Extra bits of interesting information are provided under
this which is related to the topic.
Enquire and Discuss: It has questions related to the topic which
encourages a child to seek answers
not necessarily provided in the book. It generates curiosity and
knowledge-seeking attitude in a young learner.
Science Diaries: It narrates the interesting history of a discovery or
an invention which is discussed in the chapter.
Pictorial Flow Charts and Table: These have been introduced to make learning easy and
Assessment Part: Assessments are spread over a variety of
different exercises enabling the learner
to revisit the concepts and to think beyond.
Additional Learning Resource: Each book in the series is
accompanied by a teachers' resource in
the form of aCDand aManual.
More Information
Book Type Text Book
Author(s) Team of Editors
Boards CBSE
Classes Class VI
Languages English