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"About the Series
The foundation of the PruQuest Mathematics series, grades 1 to 8, is laid on the three
building blocks of learning: exploration, understanding and application.
2 The unique approach of the series addresses all the demands of the National
3 The series caters to the needs of different types of learners (VAK and Multiple
4 The following distinctive features of the series make it a one-stop source for teachers
and learners:
• Concept explanation through a variety of mediums – real-life examples, stories,
poems, arrow diagrams and so on.
• Interdisciplinary connect.
• Comprehensive and adequate practice material in the form of examples, practice
exercises, andhomeassignments.
• The sections Fun Activity, Enrichment, Project, HOTS and Math Lab Activity
keep the interest levels of the learner high and provide the learner with hands-on
experience of the subject.
• Life Skills enable the learner to deal effectively with the demands and challenges
of everyday life.
• Periodic Tests help in evaluation at regular intervals and assess the child's overall
understanding of the concepts.
5 The series offers simple, wide-ranging and interesting learning material.
6 The series further aids in the overall and complete development of the learner."
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Boards CBSE
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