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"PruQuest English is a communicative course that has been designed keeping in mind the increasingly dynamic role
of the English language in today’s world. The course offers original stories and poems that are based on the themes
listed in the National Curriculum Framework 2005. The learner as well as the educator has the opportunity to exploit
the course on more than one level:
• Multiple Intelligences: The course offers a variety in the components that have been formulated keeping in
mind the different modalities that the learners may use to acquire language.
• Speaking and Listening: The primary objective of a language course is to equip learners with a functional
knowledge of the language. The assessment of the speaking and listening skills becomes especially important
in an ESL context. The tasks of in the chapters are complemented by additional
all of which act as instruments for the teacher to analyse the languagelearning abilities of the learners.
PruQuest English is a complete course that comprises the following major components for every grade:
• A coursebook
• A workbook for further practice and assessment
• A literature reader to further encourage the students to read and also to introduce them to different types of
literature in conjunction with the coursebook
• Digital component
• Teacher's manual with lesson plans and answer keys"
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Book Type Text Book
Author(s) Team of Editors
Boards CBSE
Classes Class III
Languages English