Class 4 Octopus SD Card Solution

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Octopus K-12 SD Card Solution, providing educational assistance to students of K-12. It is a device specific application for android that is provided on the SD Card for users with concept animations/videos, chapter-wise assessments, synopsis and many more tools to study all the subjects of a specific grade.

SD Card Solutions 

Octopus K-12 SD Card Solution, providing educational assistance to students of K12. It is a device specific application for android that is provided on the SD Card for users with concept animations/videos, chapter wise assessments, synopsis and many more tools to study all the subjects of a specific grade.

At the time of purchasing Octopus K-12, the user specifies the grade and the time period for which he or she wants to use Octopus K-12.


- K-12 Digital Content on an SD Card

- High-Quality Animations/Videos

- Interactive exercises

- Chapter-Wise Assessments & Synopsis

- Android Compatible

- Plug & Play

- Secure Offline Access 


Installing Octopus K-12

Plug and Play feature of the Octopus K-12 lets users to :

- Insert the SD card and install the application provided on card.

- Register by providing a username, email address and contact number.

- Internet connectivity is needed only for registration.

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Size 16 GB
Classes Class IV