Mod Impressions Science Class-4

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The Impressions series is designed in accordance with the new pedagogical and curriculum structure 5 + 3 + 3 + 4 proposed under National Educational Polio' (NE-PI 2020. The series caters to the five foundational years and three preparatory stages 15 + 31 comprising Nurs, LKG, LKG and classe 1 — 5. The aim of this series is to instil inquisitiveness and the passion for learning in children. Each part of the series is carefully planned and builds conceptual linkage with real-life laming.
Let's Explore: Introduces important topics covered in the chapter
Let's Connect: A warm-up that recalls prwious knowledge ofthe learner
Rapid Check: Objective-type questions to quickly revise lea mt ancepts
Did You Know: Imparts bits of important information related to the relevant concept
Skills: 21st. century skills incorporated to create global citiæns
Activity: Dernonstrative activities which encourage leaming by doing and improve
inquisitiveness in leamers
Let's Collaborate: Encourages experiential lea ming, teamwork and group work
Let's Recall: Brief summary ofthe chapter
Word Bud: Helps build vocabulary
Let's Practise: Encourages lea mers to check their learning through various objective and short in-text questions Think Beyond: Questions involve higher order thinking that help the brain leam truly and deeply
Let's Test Your Skills: Involve art-integrated leaming or experiential leaming that helps the teacher to connect concepts in a creative and engaging way
Link: A cross -link that connects the relevant concept with other subjects
SDGs: Chapters aligned with the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) to create
awareness about them
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Book Type Text Book
Author(s) Team of Editors
ISBN 9789391217969
Boards CBSE
Subjects Science
Classes Class IV
Languages English