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We are pleased to present the revised edition of our textbooks to all those teachers and students who are engaged in teaching and studying class XI and XII of CBSE and various state educational boards.


This book on Business Studies for Class XI is the result of the author's extensive experience of teaching the subject for more than a decade. Written in line with the latest CBSE syllabus and trends in Examination pattern, it covers all the aspects of curriculum as required. The book is full of practical examples and apt illustrations. It has proven to be 'The Bible' in its maiden issue for the students of Business Studies and will lay the foundation stone for the students preparing for board and competitive examinations. Main features of the book:

- Based on the latest syllabus issued by CBSE, as per Acads. Circular 53, 2015, and in line with the NCERT book.

- Questions have been classified into Remembering, Understanding, Application, HOTS and Evaluation.

- Project work has been prepared strictly as per CBSE Guidelines.

- Experts' Testimonials, Success Mantras, Question Words, Core Values of a Business (including as prescribed by CBSE), Understanding the Typology of Questions. - Use of simple and lucid language to aid comprehension and understanding of difficult topics.

- Text supported by explanation to difficult words, real-life situations from newspapers / journals, tabular and diagrammatic presentations given for effective classroom interaction.

- Explanation with the help of points, headings and sub-headings given to enable students learn easily rather than in the form of paragraph. - Large variety of Case Problems, HOTS and Evaluation Questions covered, based on real-life situations.

- Very Short Answer Type Questions (Solved and Unsolved).

- Short Answer Type Questions (Solved and Unsolved).

- Long Answer Type Questions (Unsolved) are also given.

- Glimpses at the end of each chapter for quick and easy revision.

Additional Information

ISBN 9789383907366
Boards CBSE
Subjects Business Studies
Classes Class XI
Series MOD
Languages English
Book Type No