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"The first requisite of a good Workbook is that it should motivate the child to work for the purpose of learning. In
other words, a Workbook should be workable and practical in its approach; and the child should love to work on it. A
true Workbook should provide an enjoyable exercise in which the child participates with increasing interest. It
shouldn't be just a printed notebook in which the child scribbles words as a part of his dull homework.
(Unfortunately this is what most of the so-called workbooks turn out to be.)
In our present Workbook series we have assiduously tried to keep the child's interest alive in every word and sentence.
Nothing has been included that the child might find hard to grasp; all the materials has been kept strictly within the
range of the child's assimilation. The sight and sound of a thing have always greater appeal for children than its sense
and meaning. So, every attempt has been made to present the practice material in a pictorial and rhythmical style. We
have every reason to feel confident that the books will find favour with teachers and students alike. "
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Book Type Text Book
Author(s) D P BHANOT
Boards CBSE
Subjects English
Classes L.K.G
Languages English