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ABOUTTHE SERIES/br The Absolute Mathematics series of textbooks from Holy Faith International is/br written in/br compliance with the NCERT curriculum. It is written in accordance with the/br guidelines provided by/br National Curriculum Framework (2005). The attractive colourful layout of these books/br holds a/br special appeal for students./br Salient Features of the Book/br Each chapter begins with a brief introduction of the fundamental concepts and/br themes/br taught in previous grades./br Precise figures and diagrams support and aid in understanding of concepts./br Every concept has been thoroughly explained with the help of/br Solved Examples./br To kindle students' interest,'Let Us Do', 'Note Fun Activity, 'Puzzles' and 'Remember'/br are added to the text as and where needed./br Exercise acts as an instrument in evaluating students' learning and perception./br Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) evaluates cumulative revision of the chapter./br Activity and Math Lab Activity aid in understanding and applying mathematical/br concepts/br by providing hands-on learning experiences./br Project connects the abstract concepts with the real life and give them a concrete/br form./br Mental Maths helps in applying mathematical concepts to calculate quickly.
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Book Type Text Book
Author(s) Team of Editors
ISBN 9.78935E+12
Boards CBSE
Classes Class III
Languages English