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The Holy Faith Social Studies series has been prepared on the New Education Policy.
The main emphasis is to ensure that children understand (and hence learn to cope with) the
environment in which they live and function.
The series thoroughly covers everyday things such as diet, water, clothes, various
means of transport, the directions as represented by the points of the compass, urban living,
environmental hazards and conservation, a mass of geographical knowledge including the
difference between weather and climate, living conditions and regional dress. The basics of
first aid for emergencies have been carefully explained. The need to preserve higher values
has been woven into the text, reinforced by short accounts of the lives of some great Indians,
to encourage children to become ideal citizens.
Salient features of this path-breaking series include:
Lucid text
Brilliant full colour supporting pictures
'DoYou Know' boxed feature to enhance knowledge
Searching exercises as the end of every chapter
There is ample material in this series to meet all the needs of both teacher and taught.
More Information
Book Type Text Book
Author(s) S KRISHNAN
Boards CBSE
Classes Class IV
Languages English