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"My Favourite Atlas (Primary) helps young learners to create a special bond with the world around them.
As a first atlas of primary level students, it seeks to initiate a 'known-to-unknown' voyage of students. With
the help of colourful maps, stunning photographs and illustrations, the atlas opens up a new world right in
front of the students to explore. It interacts with students to take them out of their homes and introduces
them to the universe, the solar system, the stars, the moon and the earth. It encourages them to travel
through the continents and countries and discover their natural beauty and culture with a special focus on
India and its rich heritage.
The book is packed with high quality maps, pictures and illustrations. It is an endeavour to kindle the flame
of curiosity in every learner through an interactive and unforgettable visual medium.
Key Features
• My Favourite Atlas (Primary) has clear, colourful and updated maps
• Special attention has been paid to keep the book and its information apt for primary level learners
• Based on 'known-to-unknown' approach to keep the book child-friendly and relatable
• Loaded with high-quality, bright and beautiful illustrations and pictures
• Snippets of easy to retain interesting information about vegetation, wildlife and culture of different countries
• Special focus on India and its heritage to inculcate the appreciation of Indian culture in young learners"
More Information
Book Type Text Book
Author(s) Team of Editors
Boards All India
Classes Class I-V
Series ATLAS
Languages English