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This series represents an attempt to teach the art of drawing and colouring methodically. Step-by-step instructions are simple and lucid, unobtrusively imparting instructions on how to make illustrations that elicit admiration from the viewer. A methodical, step-bystep approach is adopted in teaching the child how to draw and colour the subject, to achieve the desired effect. Each book of this ten-volume series is scientifically graded, lessons being comprehensive but never over-taxing, thus ensuring that the student is not overwhelmed by the complexities of technique. From simple lines to complicated line drawings and colouring, the style of instruction is so subtle that the child is overjoyed by the new-found confidence and mastery over art by the time the last volume is covered. Imagination is allowed ample breathing space. The choice of colour is often left completely to the child. This helps a budding artist to think of colour as a flexible medium, giving a child the opportunity to appreciate the use of colour as an abstraction quite separate from the accurate hues needed for encyclopedic purposes. Lessons in basic shapes encourage the child to observe patterns around her, often using these shapes to imaginatively draw all manner of flora and fauna, besides human, animal and other forms. Specially designed and written by an accomplished and gifted artist for children (or even adults!) blessed with artistic flair, Learnwell Living Colours is a series that towers high above the crowded field of run-of-themill art instruction manuals.
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Book Type Text Book
ISBN 9.79E+12
Boards CBSE
Classes Class VII
Languages English