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"‘HOLY FAITH Direct Approach to Interactive English’ series represents
a major advance in the
teaching of English. Here the emphasis has been shifted from the
teaching of English to the
learning of English, from passive knowledge to effective
communication in real life situations. In
order to make the transition smooth and effortless, a fine synthesis
has been evolved between the
old analytical approach and the new integrative approach.
Throughout all the books of the series
a large number of incidents and situations have been given to make
the child awilling participant
in the process of learning.
Besides being an ideal lead in to the learning of real English, this
series also attunes the
learners, step by step, to the latest integrative and communicative
style of language learning that
has recently been approved and introduced by almost all the CBSE,
ICSE, Anglo-Indian and State
Education Board schools. By the time a child reaches the Secondary
School level, he’ll have
already gained, through this series, a fair command of all the
language skills he would be
expected to know in those classes. And the sooner they begin with
this series, the more at home
they’d be in those later classes."
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Book Type Text Book
Author(s) PROF. D P BHANOT
Boards CBSE
Classes Class II
Languages English