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"HOLY FAITH ART & CRAFT series designed by renowned artist Madhu Powle is a praiseworthy
attempt towards teaching art and craft in a scientific and playful manner to youngsters in the
age group of 4-12 years. Starting with simpler patterns focussing on basic
shapes, the drift has gradually been towards more complicated patterns stressing
imagination. To avoid monotony, basic shapes are not treated in isolation of the patterns given.
They are very much a part of the main text in each book.
All the books carry pouches of colourful perforated stickers to be pasted on the shapes
forming a variety of patterns. Since, after the pasting, a student graduates to formal lessons in
painting, certain odd shapes have been left in each figure for the student to paint and beautify
them imaginatively with vibrant colours of his/her choice.
Gradually, the scope of the books has been widened at higher stages to include preparation
of articles from art paper. Contrar y to the common perception, HOLY FAITH ART & CRAFT series successfully
elucidates that art and craft is much more than mere paper cutting and pasting. It is surely a
more creative and more fulfilling experience when you are learning through this series which is
a cut above other stereotyped craft books. "
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Book Type Text Book
Author(s) Team of Editors
Boards CBSE
Classes L.K.G
Series ART - CRAFT
Languages English